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Each session consists of 8 - 12 small games from a database of 144 engaging games. Each week we change 1 - 2 of the games to offer variety. However, we keep most of the games, so that players get to know and enjoy the games. 

Our staff will be on hand to help you understand the games on the day. However, it will help you and others enjoy yourself more if you understand some of the games before you arrive.

The probable games will be listed next to each of the events. However, here is a full list of all the games. Click on the picture for an explanation of the rules.


To protect intellectual property, games will be added to the website shortly before they are introduced to sessions. 

Gradually videos will be added to offer explanations for each of the games.

Visosport Pilot-052.jpg

All our games are designed for a purpose to:


  • create a fun competitive environment,

  • allow everyone to have success and

  • help individuals develop their skills.

We Play

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