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Bring your team to Visosport for a unique Staff Social experience. Immerse your employees in a world of Health and Wellbeing, where they will not only discover the power of positivity but also learn to collaborate effectively, break down social barriers, and tackle challenges head-on. Through engaging activities, we will encourage your team to think outside the box, analyse situations strategically, and embrace new perspectives. Join us at Visosport and empower your employees to explore their potential while fostering a strong sense of teamwork and camaraderie.

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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be quite the struggle for individuals working in the competitive business realm, where leisure time is scarce and work demands drain every ounce of energy. Yet, research indicates that engaging in physical activity not only boosts overall health, but also enhances strength, endurance, and productivity throughout the workday.


By incorporating exercise into their routine, employees are less prone to taking sick leaves and approach each day with a more positive mindset. Moreover, it adds an element of enjoyment to their weekly schedule, exerting a positive impact on both their professional and personal lives.


Our games create an equal playing field, ensuring that everyone has a fair chance to succeed. However, our games also allow you to personalise your experience.


Although there is competition, our games prioritise the joy of playing, rather than scoring. This removes pressure, allowing everyone to immerse themselves in the game.


Moreover, our games ensure that everyone thrives. They emphasise the development of creativity, skill, and teamwork, placing less emphasis winning. Ultimately, our games encourage problem-solving and foster an environment where success is attainable for everyone.


Sessions provide a unique and inclusive approach to fostering healthy competition among employees. We create an environment where everyone can thrive without feeling the need to compare themselves to others. With a diverse range of activities, each individual has the opportunity to achieve success without diminishing others' accomplishments. Our sessions emphasise the importance of respecting different perspectives, regardless of job title, while also recognising the significance of authority.


We offer customised sessions tailored to meet your company's specific needs. Our Team Development sessions, for instance, prioritise open discussions, allowing participants to identify and strengthen teamwork skills through engaging games. We empower individuals to participate at their own comfort level whilst encouraging them to challenge and surpass expectations.


Please take a moment to consider the areas in which you would like to enhance your staff's skills. Our games offer a unique opportunity to develop Team Orientation, Problem Solving, Communication, Team Cohesion, Creativity, and more. Simply complete an enquiry form, specifying the skills you are most interested in developing, and we will create a customised program tailored to your company's specific needs.

Our tactical games convey important messages, such as the existence of multiple solutions to a problem and the importance of evaluating options rather than opting for the easiest route. These games also provide a platform for employees to practice competitive scenarios, encouraging them to be adaptable. While their solution may appear tactically sound, a dynamic opponent can find a way to overcome their strategy. Consequently, employees learn to adopt a dynamic approach, continuously reinventing themselves to tackle new challenges head-on.


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Building staff relationships is a crucial aspect of our session. The dynamic environment we create fosters social interaction through engaging games.


To wrap up the experience, we provide a delightful spread of food and drinks, allowing your staff to not only reflect on the session but also strengthen their connections. It's an opportunity for them to further develop these relationships in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.





"Really enjoyed Visosport. Have never laughed so much whilst exercising; not just the body but the brain too",
Kelly, Celebrant


"It's revolutionary, such a simple methodology. It's inclusive and offers so much fun. You learn key skills in hand-eye, movement and teamwork and you're alwys laughing",

Stuart, Area Inclusion Manager


"Wonderful fun. Great way to keep fit. This is great for team building, very intensive and something for all abilities",

Martin, Technical Director

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