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"When I was at school, I hated P.E. I was told by everyone else that I was not very good and I believed them. Through my life I've avoided situations where there is physical activity. I've convinced myself that I don't want to join in, but sometimes, I see them having so much fun and want to join in. However, I fear that I'll make a fool of myself or they'll pity me.


When I first came to Visosport, I was anxious. I didn't think I would fit in or I would look foolish. Instead, I was made to feel welcome from the start. The competition was supportive and I was made to feel valuable. I'm now a huge supporter of the process whereby everyone can achieve and the focus is on our enjoyment. I now can't wait to come back to the next session. I've also made lots of new friends and increased my social opportunities."

Laura from Kettering


We regularly hear of stories like Laura's. This is why we have developed Visosport to offer an alternative of how we would like sport to be; a fun, supportive environment where competition is enjoyable. We have removed the comparative environment with games that require support and team work, rather than domination and isolation. Our games are still fully competitive, but they benefit everyone, whatever their background. 


"Playing sport has been a big part of my life. I have competed in both Rugby and Cricket to County level so was sceptical about taking part in a Visosport session as I thought the standard would be too low. However, once I got into it, I relaxed and really enjoyed myself. Although I love to win, taking the pressure off winning allowed me freedom to experiment and try out some new skills. 


Whilst I enjoy each session because there is no pressure and I can just enjoy myself, I am looking forward to taking part in the tournament against some of the best in the region".

Pete from Stockport


"I've always loved to play sport and enjoyed it at school. Unfortunately, opportunities dried up when I left school. I've tried to join sports clubs, but each time, they either told me that I wasn't good enough, or subtly let me know this by not passing to me or picking me in games. I know I'm not the best player in the world, but I'm not bad and I really want to join in and play. 

I also felt awkward when I played. my team mates didn't seem to trust me with the ball, so when I got the ball, I often panicked and made a mistake or instead I made the simple pass to avoid criticism, which I found boring. 


Since coming to VIsosport, I've enjoyed every single session and felt fully included. There are lots of people at my level, making the same mistakes as me so it doesn't really matter. There are some fantastic players here as well though, but the 'Independent Personalisation' allows me to have a great game with the better players and push me to get better. I feel I have improved since I have come along and feel positive about myself as an athlete for the first time ever".

Michael from Sutton

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