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There are many less obvious features that separate Visosport from other sports. These features not only help people's health and fitness but also their self-esteem and mental well-being. 

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5 Main Principles


1) Enjoyment - All our games are designed to be exciting and fun. 

2) Inclusivity - Our games are designed to allow for all levels to achieve. 


3) Non-comparison - Knowing the score or who's the best should have little impact on our enjoyment. 


4) Competition - We use competition fairly to help us strive to improve.


5) Process Approach - Our games are based on the process of playing, rather than the result. 

Sport, but not as you know it. We get limited social life, so let's enjoy it. Everyone can succeed, whatever their level.​ Sign up now Click here to sign up and come to your first session in an area near you.

No pain,
Lots to gain!

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A new concept in Sport and Physical Activity A circuit of a selection of mini games based on play and having fun. These games use variety of skills  required in lots of different sports.

Competition Without Stress


At the competitive sport end of the spectrum, winning is everything. People scream and shout at each other, desperate for the temporary 'winning' buzz.

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Instead, our games have full competition without the pressure of winning. For example, some are fully competitive without scoring, whilst other games level the playing field so that anyone can win.

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At the non-competitive sports day end of the spectrum, no one strives to win. This can be boring when there's nothing to strive for.

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Sport should be enjoyable, whatever your level. We ensure our environment allows everyone to succeed without the stress of worrying about winning and losing. Although competitive, our games focus on the process rather than the result. We also level out the games so that everyone wins and loses.

Independent Personalisation
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Our activities empower each player to personalise the game to their own level and needs. They also give each group the responsibility to help make sure everyone can succeed. This means that different players win, whilst everyone is challenged at their personal level. Staff are responsible for ensuring this happens.

If a player thinks they are a lower ability or are regularly losing games, they can adapt the rules to make it easier. Likewise, a higher ability player who keeps on winning can make the game harder. Examples include changing distances/areas of play, allowing more/fewer bounces, increasing/decreasing the speed of the activity or time allowed. 

Many of our games naturally differentiate to allow all players to succeed. For example, they may allow for random success or not rely on sporting ability. Other games have special rules in place to allow less confident players more success and to challenge more confident players.

Personal Requirements

Personal Requirements

Whilst most of our activities are suitable for a range of adults with a variety of requirements, giving us advance notice of disabilities, different learning styles or health conditions allows us time to adapt our sessions further to ensure everyone is fully involved. Please contact (07388) 133243 or email with your requirements. 

Individual needs are personal so tell us how we can help you and we will adapt according to your requirements. If you think we can do more in the future, please get back in contact so we can adapt further. 

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Tips For Success

Tips for Success

  • For each game, read the Activity Cards to understand what to do.

  • If you're not sure, ask the Facilitator or Mentor to help you.

  • Even if you're not certain about every rule in the game, just get the game going and you can learn the game as you go.

  • If the players in your group are unsure, offer them some help.

  • Adapt the game to challenge yourself. E.g. by making the game harder or easier for yourself or your team. Read the Activity Card tips to help you. 

  • Make sure you leave the game area in same condition it was left for you.

  • Whilst trying to win, it's not the main focus. Celebrate success on both sides. If you're winning every game, you've not set the challenge high enough.

  • Think of different ways you can get an advantage by thinking outside of the box. 

  • Consider all the players safety by: - 
    a) following the Health & Safety guidelines on the Activity Cards,
    b) checking the area before the game for hazards and removing them,
    b) identifying actions by yourself and others that appear unsafe,
    c) relaying your concerns to other group members and the facilitator,
    d) adapting the game and/or your actions accordingly.


  • Whilst performing the warm up, use the opportunity to perform stretches personal to your body to ensure your muscles are stretched out.

  • Celebrate success of all types, so that everyone gets recognition. E.g.: - a) Celebrate success of yourself, your team, the opposition,
    b) Congratulate innovation and lateral thinking,
    c) Encourage effort and determination,
    d) Recognise unusual and funny moments,
    e) Tell the Facilitator of noteworthy moments so they can be celebrated
        with everyone at the end of the session.

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