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Interactive games stimulate communication and social opportunities for residents. Cognitive function is enhanced through dynamic, thinking games. It’s also great fun for staff who build trust with residents through the immersive games, leading to smiling faces all round.

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Visosport includes many problem-solving games that challenge residents through immersion, experimentation and communication. We play a selection of these games to increase strength and co-ordination and improve cognitive development.


Each game lasts about 10-minutes, so every resident is challenged to problem-solve quickly, whilst everyone is guaranteed success. Games are designed to guide residents to try new options until they find an effective, personalised solution.


Staff are encouraged to take part in games with residents to help them develop trust. These shared experiences help to enhance the care home environment by offering exciting shared experiences that will be talked about for weeks to come.

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Our games create an equal playing field, ensuring that everyone has a fair chance to succeed. However, our games also allow you to personalise your experience.


Although there is competition, our games prioritise the joy of playing, rather than scoring. This removes pressure, allowing everyone to immerse themselves in the game.


Moreover, our games ensure that everyone thrives. They emphasise the development of creativity, skill, and teamwork, placing less emphasis winning. Ultimately, our games encourage problem-solving and foster an environment where success is attainable for everyone.


Fun Activities

Within seconds, residents and staff alike will be laughing and joking through our interactive games. We ensure everyone is constantly involved and enjoys playing the games with others.


Mental Wellbeing

All games offer every resident success and celebrate individuality. Social interaction is developed through immersion, rather than instruction.


Physical Wellbeing

Our games encourage everyone to be active through play. They are adapted to each resident’s level. Engaging games incentivise movement through play.

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