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5)Striking and Fielding

Striking and fielding type games involve a combination of 1) bowling to a batter, 2) the batter hitting a ball and 3) the fielders retrieving the ball as quickly as possible to limit scoring. 

Bowling and Catching

03) Bowling and Catching Game (1).jpg

French Cricket

22) French Cricket.jpg

Target Batting

75) Batting Target Game.jpg

Multi-directional Fielding

65) Multi-directional Fielding Game.jpg

Team Catching

78) Team Catching Game.jpg

Team Fielding

81) Team Fielding Game.jpg

Continuous Batting Rotation

82) Continuous Batting Rotation.jpg

Bowling Frenzy

96) Bowling Frenzy.jpg

Relay Batting Survival

110) Relay Batting Survival.jpg

Last Runner Standing

121) Last Runner Standing.jpg

Bowling Competition

135) Bowling Competition.jpg

Continuous Cricket

140) Continuous Cricket.jpg
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